Billy Goat Leaf Vacuum | Reviews To Get You Easy Choice(2021)

Billy goat products dominate the market for Billy Goat Leaf Vacuum, and there’s a perfect reason for this. Their products are built to offer enough quality notwithstanding, durable, and can even be built to specific individual applications. Billy Goat vacuums are known for matchless performance in usage and have rightly earned dominance over other products.

About Billy Goat Company

The Briggs and Stratton, LLC owned company is a premier manufacturer of specialty turf products and started as a subsidiary of Clipper Manufacturing. Billy Goat has been up and running for over 40 years since it became independent in 1969. Albeit, it was acquired by its current owners in May 2015 and is stationed outside of Kansas City, Missouri.

Billy Goat produces top-of-the-line leaf clearing machines for all applications, having infused innovation, productivity, and quality into their culture. This is why for each of your needs, residential, commercial, or municipal, the company has a line of products ready to be picked up.

Types of Leaf Vacuum Offered by Billy Goat

Billy Goat offers several products; however, you can group them all into three types; Residential, Commercial, Industrial. The residential line of leaf & litter vacuum is often referred to as light commercial and has limited functionality. This is incredibly light and useful for vacuuming leaves, seeds, heads, and grass from your pool area or other areas around your home. An example is the LB 352 Vacuum.

The commercial line of vacuum is a step higher and features heavy-duty clean-up power. These can be used on both turfs and hard surfaces, e.g., the MV650H vacuum. The industrial vacuums are the most sophisticated as they can be used for challenging clean up applications on hard surfaces (streets, tarmacs, hotels, parks, etc.)

Standard Features of Billy Goat Leaf Vacuum

Every Billy Goat Leaf Vacuum uses an engine; however, they differ in their horsepower rating. Different brands sometimes produce the engines used in Billy Goat products. For instance, before purchasing a Billy Goat KV650SPH Leaf & Litter Vacuum, you can choose either a Honda or Briggs & Stratton engine. Engines featured on Billy goat leaf vacuums are known for Long-life and reliability.

Another essential feature is the blade impeller present only in the KV series. On other vacuum types, what you have is a distinct housing and fan system. Whichever is present in a vacuum helps to create enough suction and reduces the volume of debris.

When you look at any Billy goat leaf vacuum, the most prominent features are the nozzle and vacuum bag. When leaves, grasses, seeds, and heads are drawn from surfaces, they pass through the nozzle into a vacuum bag. The nozzle has a wear plate that protects its edges against abrasions. Debris removed are temporarily stored in vacuum bags before you decide on discarding them properly. Some Billy Goat vacuums have optimized front nozzles for improved suction and debris removal, such as hedge clippings.

For regular users of Billy Goat leaf vacuum, you should consider investing in an optional felt bag, particularly during the summer months in dusty condition. The felt bag keeps the dust down and dramatically reduces the chances of dust blowing into your face directly.

Billy Goat leaf vacuums include a versatile MV series capable of working on either hard surfaces or residential areas. This is possible because of a unique built-in height adjustment feature that allows you to change the suction rate to suit your needs.

What’s a Billy Goat Leaf Vacuum without wheels? Standard fixed wheels and Caster Kit are the two types of wheels you can find on any Billy Goat product. However, both wheel type makes maneuverability of the vacuum easy, with the caster kit highly functional on hard surfaces. There is a hydrostatic drive option on some vacuum types capable of moving on its own forward or backward at a slow speed between 0-3mph.

You will also find a convenience feature on residential vacuums; the on-board hose kit. This allows you to conveniently reach places practically impossible for your vacuum to move on. Such places include flower beds, corners of patios, barbeque areas, and between shrubs.

Another feature you can find on Billy Leaf Goat Vacuums is an easily attached leaf shredder screen. This feature reduces the volume of dry leaves removed by the vacuum, reducing the number of times you stop to empty the vacuum bag.

Pros and Cons of Billy Leaf Goat Vacuum


  • Powerful engine for smooth running.
  •  A high capacity fuel tank that saves time and effort rather than spent on frequent refueling
  •  Goats are famous for different reasons, being sure-footed, durable, and effective at clearing just about anything found in their path.
  • Goats offer exceptional maneuverability at all times, thanks to their sturdy wheels.
  • The easily controlled height adjustment system ensures Billy leaf goat vacuums are just as effective on hard surfaces as it is on turf.
  • Powerful suction performance.
  • Some of their product lines can be customized to suit your specific needs.
  • For quality assurance purposes, the company offers either a one-year machine and two-year engine (consumer) warranty or a one-year engine (commercial) warranty.


  • More expensive than other similar products.
  • Sometimes too powerful for smaller properties.

Buying Guide

Regardless of where you live, a remote town, or a windy city – one chore that will keep coming up is picking up garden debris. For this reason, you might consider adding a Lawn Vacuum to your yard maintenance toolkit. Lawn Vacuums easily remove all the leaves, lawn clippings, twigs, and other unpleasant garden debris.

To make the right choice of yard vacuum, you need to know there are different kinds available to help tidy your lawn:

  • Handheld lawn vacuums.
  • Walk-behind lawn vacuums.
  • Tow-behind lawn vacuums

The size of your property and the amount and type of debris you expect to pick up most determine the kind you eventually end up with, the amount and types of yard waste you expect to pick up most.

1.  Handheld Lawn Vacuums

These are the Lightweight and easily stored lawn vacuums and are usually available as two-in-one leaf blowers and vacuums. They often feature a tool-less adjustment system that allows you to switch between the two functions with ease. Furthermore, handheld lawn vacuums are usually powered by either of two different power sources:

  •  Gas-powered leaf blower vacuums
  • Corded electric leaf blower vacuums

Handheld lawn vacuums have basic functionality, capable of picking up leaves, flowers, and other lightweight debris. They are affordable and an excellent choice for use around your home.

2. Walk-Behind Lawn Vacuums

Debris removal on larger properties cannot be completed quickly with handheld lawn vacuums because of fatigue. Instead, use a walk-behind lawn vacuum that makes cleaning as easy as pushing a lawnmower. They can either be pushed by you or self-propelled. They can be grouped based on their three distinct functionalities.

  •  Lawn vacuums; perform the same function as handheld lawn vacuums.
  •  Lawn and litter vacuums; can pick up pine cones and familiar pieces of trash like cans.
  •  Chipper shredder vacuums; fitted with a separate chute for reducing branches into smaller bits.

3. Tow-Behind Lawn Vacuums

This option is ideal for professionals, individuals who own riding lawn mowers and have large properties in need of clearing up. Tow-behind vacuums can handle a tremendous volume of lawn debris as it works via a hose connected to a riding mower’s deck.

Using Instruction

Quite a number of Billy Leaf Goat Vacuums features have been mentioned, but do not be overwhelmed by that. They are not spectacularly different from your other home appliances. In fact, they are just like lawnmowers that you use in sucking up yard waste.

However, there are a few things you need to take note of. For instance, be careful not to suck big branches and twigs accidentally; otherwise, you might end up destroying the unit. Importantly, there is an ideal time to use these vacuums. Even though they are built to operate outdoors, you should not use them when raining or windy. Ideally, Billy Leaf Goat Vacuums should be used on dry days during day time when you can see clearly.

Customers Review

Every product made for human use is usually subjected to criticism or appraisal. Whichever is the case, a customer’s review is an honest opinion on how they feel about your product. Over the years, customers have been full of praise for Billy Goat vacuums, and here are some of the things found to be common in their testimonies:

  • It has an easy-empty zipper-less bag that you can flip over to get rid of collected debris.
  • The unit doesn’t clog, but it sometimes refuses to suck up small twigs and acorns.
  • It is very well built and often referred to as “beast.”

FAQs about Billy Goat Leaf Vacuum

a) Will a Billy goat vacuum pick up acorns?

This is dependent on the weight and shape of the nut. However, a billy goat vacuum will pick them up reasonably well off hard surfaces like sidewalks and driveways. It will also pick up a more significant percentage on turfs only if they are first loosened with a rake

b) Do leaf blowers also vacuum?

Leaf blowers have vacuum function, but they are not to deal with huge piles of debris; otherwise, you will end up jamming the unit. In short, you should use leaf blowers on dry leaves, which can be easily shredded.


When it comes to lawn cleaners, the Billy Goat Leaf Vacuums remain one of the best in its field. With their highly powered engine and advanced technology adapted for various features, the company has won many landscapers’ heart. Powerful and gets the job done quickly, a maintenance toolkit without a Billy goat leaf vacuum is not complete.

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