The 5 Best Portable Generator Reviews & Buying Guide to Make Choice Easy

Have you ever spent quality time in a store trying to look for the best portable generator but leave with a frowning face? Or you carried home a power source that could not offer quality services as needed?

This is where you can have all your needs covered. Sometimes, laying your hands on the best device on the market sounds like a riddle, and you might need guidance to get a super functioning item. In other words, a power outage can be more than an inconvenience, especially at night, when you are caught in unexpected darkness.

This is why most people need portable generators to aid in such desperate situations. They use portable generators because they can carry them anywhere freely. How can you identify the best generator from your local store? Join as we review the best generators from five categories you can buy to light up your home.

1. Westinghouse WGen7500 with Remote Electric Start – Best Generator for Home Use

When looking for the best portable generator for home use, you cannot get your eyes off Westinghouse WGen 7500 portable generator. This is because Westinghouse WGen 7500 generator comes with an already charged battery and a full gasoline tank.

Additionally, the generator has an electric start button that you only need to switch, and you are ready to go. Not forgetting, it also has a pull start in case the battery is dead, plus remote control.

All these startup options are what you need in case of an unexpected power outage in your home. Therefore, Westinghouse WGen 7500 is the best generator for home use because it comes with everything included, starting from the battery, oil, funnel, spark plug, sockets, etc.

Moreover, it holds a lot of gas, which only needs to be filled up twice a day, and you will have a power backup for the rest of twelve hours. Sometimes, the generator can run up to 16 hours with a 420 cc four-stroke OHV engine that can generate up to 9,500 watts. It also has a transfer switch and water and dust-resistant GFCI household outlets.


  • It has a digital hour meter.
  • An in-built control panel.
  • It also has foam handles for portability.


  • High power output.
  • Heavy-duty cast iron sleeve and puncture-proof wheels.
  • Large fuel tank for longer running time.


  • It is relatively more massive.
  • Its alternator cover dents quickly.

2. DuroMax XP4400E 4400 RV Grade Gas Generator – Best Generator for RV

If you are looking for the best rv portable generator that you can easily carry anywhere at any time, then DuroMax XP400E 400 wat 7-Hp should be your choice. DuroMax generators have been in the market for a long time, and it should be a challenging task when looking for the best rv generators in this category.

DuroMax generators are built with modern technology in mind and incorporate unique features that make them easy to operate and carry. If you are looking for a generator that you can carry for camping or any function away from home, you may want a generator that does not consume much fuel or add unnecessary costs to your entertainment.

That is why you need to have DuroMax XP400 400 wat 7-Hp. This is a gas-powered generator that runs on an affordable gasoline fuel, which reduces the cost of buying diesel or any other fuel and carrying it everywhere.

This is the best generator for RV because it can offer a rated power output at an average of 3500 watts with a maximum of 400 watts, which can power up your RV, small cabin, or house for a more extended period.


  • It has an electric key start making it easy to start the generator.
  • It comes with an automatic low oil shut off to prevent unit damages in case oil runs low.
  •  Four-gallon tank that can run for eight hours.
  • Multiple power outlets to allow the connection of various appliances.


  • It is cost-effective.
  • It is a quiet generator to use anywhere.
  • Easy to set up and use.


  • It comes with insufficient tools from the manufacturer.
  • Oil-dripping problem.

3. Jackery Portable Power Station – Best Portable Generator for Outdoors Camping

When it comes to the best portable generator you can travel with anywhere, Jackey portable Power Station Explorer 240 has it takes to be crowned. This is because Jackey Portable Power Station Explorer 240 is smaller in size and weighs about 6.6 pounds, and can quickly be loaded in a vehicle when traveling.

It can also be promptly recharged by portable solar panels and big enough to power up small appliances and medical devices that may need regular AC wall plugs. When thinking about cruising the roads, you have nothing to worry about your phone or other devices going off, provided you have this kind of a portable generator in your car.

It is rechargeable with a lithium power pack that can last for a more extended period of your camping. This generator’s portability is also supported by its sturdy plastic shell, which makes it suitable for outdoor use.

However, you don’t have to drop it from a too high level to prove its sturdiness. Therefore, when looking for a perfect portable generator to keep in your vehicle everywhere you go, you should think about getting Jackey Portable Power Station Explorer 240.


  • It has a solar charging option for outdoor charging.
  • It has a long carry handle for easy portability and four rubber feet for secure positioning.
  • It features an LED screen to display battery status.
  • It has multiple charging options.


  • Lightweight for portability.
  • It is affordable.
  • It has a long-lasting construction.


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty equipment.
  • Shorter running time.

4. WEN 56200i Gas Powered Portable Inverter Generator – Best Inverter Generator

For those interested in a portable inverter generator that is noise-free, WEN 56200i 2000-Watt is the ideal choice. This is because WEN 5600i 2000-Watt produces a maximum of 2,000 watts suitable to connect five devices simultaneously.

The generators can be operated at a quarter load of 52 DCB and the harmonic distortion of 0.3 percent without any load. This implies you can safely charge your smartphone, laptops, and other devices.

It has two power outlets, each 12 volts DC receptive, and a portable USB of 5 volts. Therefore, if you like hiking or traveling the world, you can have a WEN 56200i generator packed in your car for a power backup.


  • It has the Wen Eco-Mode that allows it to instantly adjust its fuel consumption depending on the number of devices connected.
  • Produces clean power to prevent damaging sensitive electronics.
  • It comes with two power outlets.
  • Quiet operation.


  • Fast and reliable performance.
  • Lightweight, weighing only 48 pounds.
  • Suitable for sensitive electronics.


  • Low fuel capacity.
  • The plastic construction is vulnerable to damages.

5. Champion 76533 Dual Fuel Portable Generator – Best Dual Fuel Generator

Champion Power Equipment 76533 4750/3800-Watt is the best portable generator that offers flexibility in fuel consumption. This is because it comes with dual fuel options that allow the generator to run on either gasoline or propane.

It also features intelligauge volt guard and cold start technology, providing up to nine hours running time on gasoline or ten hours on propane. The generator features a combination of versatility and convenience.

Whether you want to power your home or an RV, Champion Power Equipment 76533 4750/3800-Watt will have you covered. The dual-fuel generator has a low-oil shutdown sensor, which prevents unit damage.

This means you can start using it right from the box without worrying about the safety measures. Not forgetting, it also has an electric start switch and included battery.


  • It has a touch start-battery for push-button electric start.
  • Low oil shutoff sensor.
  • Runs up to 9 hours on gasoline and 10 hours on propane.
  • Includes a safety fuel selector switch.


  • Suitable for both heavy-duty and home usage.
  • Low noise operation.
  • Easy to use in a cold environment with an electric start switch.


  • Relatively heavy.
  • No remote system.

Generator Buying Guide

Whether you are new to the world of generators or not, finding the right generator to meet your demands can be challenging. It is the reason you will need a helping hand when buying a portable generator.

Therefore, the article has taken an in-depth look at what you should consider whenever shopping for your alternative power source. There are many sellers around, and buying any generator may not work better in any situation.

Portable generators come in different sizes and fuel capacities. Not to mention price tags that come with generators. In that case, here are a few factors to consider when searching for the best portable generator.

Power Production

The amount of power a generator will give is so crucial at the time of purchase. The best portable generator should be able to run multiple household appliances at once.

For instance, you may want to light up an extensive lighting system, watch your favorite late-night TV show, and pump up your water system at the same time. Alternatively, you should measure what kind of job you are buying the generator for.

Are you buying it for simple handheld electronics? Or are you getting it for heavy-duty construction equipment. Therefore, whenever buying for a portable generator, you should first consider the generator’s purpose to get the right amount of power.

Remember, the power output of a portable generator is measured by startup watts- the momentary power boost needed to start an appliance’s motor and running watts. This means before you purchase any generator, ensure it produces enough power to accommodate the startup wattage indicated on each equipment.


Portable generators should be easily carried around when required. While portability also matters when buying a generator, the higher the power output, the heavier the generator will be. Therefore, when using portability to purchase the best generator, you will need to consider the intended usage.

For example, if your job involves constant movement, you have to consider the generator’s weight plus other features like wheels and handles for mobility. Additionally, you may also want to consider the size of the generator.

If you are working with a team that can help you carry the generator of load in a vehicle, there is no problem buying a more massive machine. However, if you are working alone, purchasing a 70-pound generator that you cannot move around even if it has wheels makes no sense.

Source of Energy

An energy source is also a vital feature to consider when buying a portable generator. Different generators have different energy sources, and getting the right generator that will not consume up your money every time to fill it up can be tricky.

Most portable generators use gasoline, which seems to be a cheaper source of energy. Other generators run on propane while a good number uses diesel.

While diesel is expensive than other sources, it burns longer, giving more life per gallons. Therefore, most diesel generators are considered the best to buy if you want something that will provide more power output even if they are expensive. However, diesel engines are known to create a unique odor, but that should not be an issue provided you understand how the machine works.

Safety Features

Electric appliances can be dangerous if handle without caution. When buying a portable generator, you should insist on safety features to avoid inconveniences at home.

Therefore, the following are some of the safety features to consider when purchasing a portable generator;

  • Spark arrestor to stop the generator from emitting flammable particles that cause a fire.
  • Low oil shutdown feature that automatically shuts down the engine when the oil drops below the recommended level.
  • Built-in surge protectors to prevent the equipment from voltage spikes.
  • Built-in circuit protection sensor to prevent electrocution.

How to Use a Portable Generator

Sometimes, understanding how to use a portable generator can sound crucial to prevent injuries and property damage. Understanding how to use your generator safely allows you to keep your appliances out of shock and fires. Therefore, here is how to use a portable generator;

  • Ensure that you are grounded before using it.
  • Never plug you’re the generator into a wall outlet or connect it with your home’s electric system.
  • Ensure the generator is not loaded before starting or stopping it.
  • Use only recommended wattage on your generator. Never overload it and always adhere to the limits indicated in your user manual.
  • Always keep the generator dry. If you must use it in a wet environment, ensure it is covered with a waterproof canopy.
  • Shut down your generator to allow it to cool efficiently before refueling it.
  • Transport and store the generator fuel in the containers recommended for this purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions about Best Portable Generator

a. what is an inverter generator?

An inverter generator is a generator that safely producers DC power, then the inverter converts this to a steady flow of AC output to power up sensitive electronics.

b. How big of a generator do I need?

The generators’ perfect size should be big enough to match all the power requirements of your appliances.

c. How to quiet a generator?

After usage, follow these steps to quiet your generator

  • Turn off all branch breakers connected to the appliances.
  • Turn off the generator breaker.
  • Slide down the generator interlock to expose the position of the main breaker and turn it on.
  • Turn off the generator and allow it to cool. Remove the extension cord.

d. How to hook up a portable generator to a house?

Whether you are using the transfer switch to connect your generator for home use or not, here are simple steps to hooking up a generator to a house;

  • Take the generator away from your home for safety precaution.
  • Plug in the generator to the hookup.
  • Plug the attachment cable into your generator.
  • Check the engine oil and fuel level.
  • Switch on the engine.
  • Switch on the system.
  • Turn on the branch breakers.
  • Turn on the utility power.


Did you find the right way to go? The review has deeply discussed the best portable generators based on each category. You have every bit to trust the judgment because it is out of user’s experience.

Furthermore, although a few sellers will accept healthy negotiations on their products, you will always find a conducive buying environment when you order your portable generators from online shops. Why? Online shops always offer free delivery to your door-step at the click of the button.

Secondly, online shops will guarantee a warranty for your purchase. For instance, the best portable generators have at least two years warranty, and you have all the time you need to test your generator. Therefore, following the guidance guarantees you will get a generator that will provide the best service depending on the intended purpose.

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