10 Best Home Spray Tan Machines To Be Tanned

Nothing can be more fun than pouring tan lotion while lying under the basking heat on a beach and tan.

Alas, things are not the same anymore. The UV light of the sun is doing more harm than good to the skin. Now, you need a safer tanning option without harming the skin by UV and other dangerous solar radiation.

The only safe and convenient option is the best home spray tan machine. It will give you the comfort and convenience of tanning the skin the way you want.

However, it is not easy to decide whether to go for an airbrush tanning solution or spray tan gun. Let alone numerous brands and models in the market.

But it’s so easy for you now. This review on the spray tan machines for home use is both complete and comprehensive for anyone. We can guarantee you one thing- before reaching a conclusion, you will have all the expertise to select the spray tan solutions. And tan yourself like professional salons.

What is a Spray Tan Machine?

The tan spray machine is like a spray gun to dispense a tanning solution on your body for tanning. We love to add dimension in life. So why not on our skin? A spray tan gun uses pressure to dispense the tanning liquid and add a new tone on the skin.

There are two types of tan machines available in the market-high volume low pressure (HVLP) and low volume low pressure (LVLP). The HVLP is used in the professional spray tanning salons, whereas the LVLPs’ are types of home spray tan machines.

Best Home Spray Tan Machine Reviews

1.Norvell M-1000 HVLP Spray Tan Airbrush Machin

The Norvell M-1000 HVLP has a highly efficient turbine yet makes less noise. When we seek minimal overspray, the High-Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) gun is there to provide that.

Because of the compact design, it is easily portable. Although there is also a shoulder strap available to carry it around.

You can find an adjustable nozzle to spray the solution without any hassle. Three most desired tanning solutions come with it, i.e., Cosmo light, Venetian & Dark variant.

 It has an eight-ounce cup to contain the solution. Thus, you won’t even think about refilling it during the tanning.

These features combined make it one of the most desired and the best home spray tan machines.


  • Lightweight design with minimal sound
  • A shoulder strap is available
  • Simple to operate
  • Effortless setup procedure
  • Equipped with a 10-ft hose


  • Somewhat expensive
  • The hose’s quality should be upgraded

2. MaxiMist Evolution Pro HVLP Spray Tanning System

When it comes to the brand, – MaxiMist is a mighty name in the industry of tanning machines. With this super-fast machine, you can Spray tan the whole body with the least amount of solution.

Moreover, with a robust 570w two-stage turbine motor, it is quite suitable for professional use as well.

Moreover, the motor generates almost no heat compared to other spray tan machines. The adjustable speed control feature ensures proper airflow.

Even when you are up for cleaning the device, you won’t face any difficulties with the user-friendly removal and attaching system. It is featured with a decently flexible yet long hose that allows convenient maneuvering.


  • The turbine has a filtration system
  • It has EZ connect feature
  • The spray gun is made of Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • Equipped with cool grip ergonomic handle
  • Easy adjustment feature


  • A bit difficult to use it for a more extended period
  • Limited warranty

3. MaxiMist Lite Plus HVLP Sunless Spray Tanning KIT

No matter if you are a newbie or an experienced professional, this Lite Plus HVLP spray tan machine is perfect for serving your purpose. 300w single-stage turbines and highly efficient spray nozzles are the KSP of this product.

A 6.5ft hose allows the user with portability. The spray gun has a 5-oz cup with lids, so it ensures most of the safety measures. An adjustable trigger permits the user to control it with ease.

MaxiMist Lite Plus includes a nozzle gasket, gun cup, and turbine filter. Moreover, because of the spare parts kit, you have the luxury of losing any removable part, once.


  • Easy to maintain
  • Simple to assemble
  • Build quality is top-notch
  • The product possesses impeccable design
  • It offers tons of features within the budget


  • The hose is smaller in length
  • You may face the leakage problem of the container

4. Fuji Mini Tan Machine System HVLP

Fuji MINI Tan machine is the pigmy model of the professional Fuji spray. The company gives extra attention to this product for using it at home.

 So, you will find it in a tiny yet sturdy model. It has an adjustable spray pattern knob and fluid control.

The turbine with a two-stage motor is reliable enough. There is no question about the metal finish and SS fluid components.

The compact design of the spray tan machine gives you the liberty of doing precise tanning on the whole body. The washable air filters and heat dissipation box adds additional value to this product.


  • Durable and practical design
  • It comes with 24 months warranty
  • The product has an efficient turbine
  • Simple operating procedure
  • The hose is flexible and 10ft long


  • A bit noisy
  • If you are a beginner, then don’t go for it

5. Aura Allure Tanning System with Airbrush Tan Solution and Sunless Pro Kit

When you want a smoother fondness on the skin after spray tanning, then Aura Allure tan machine should be the ultimate choice for you. The device uses minimal solutions but gives a significant result.

It is featured with Satin Nozzle Technology and a cup gasket. The compact style of the product makes the least noise.

You can have an all-in-one storage system for the solution. Thus, there is less chance to feel the need for refilling.

In our opinion, the highly effective turbine unit deserves the title of the best home spray tan machine 2020. It doesn’t overheat.

Furthermore, it operates for a more extended period. The gun holder and retractable handle make it easier to use at the homely ambiance.


  • Equipped with the extra-long hose
  • Quitter spraying operation
  • Aesthetic looking design
  • Ingenious filtration system
  • Easily washable and portable 


  • Sometimes, the bottle can leak
  • Spray pressure may fall occasionally

6. MaxiMist Allure Xena Sunless Spray Tanning System

This Allure Xena Sunless model from MaxiMist has an attractive appearance as the look plays a significant role in this industry, with no sugarcoating. The product has a 300w single-stage turbine with an overall weight of 4lbs.

The best part of this machine is there are always three guns ready with three tanning solutions. That is how you can have different shades. The Spray Nozzle tech helps to reduce overspray.

Allure Xena sunless is featured with an extra-large hose, spare parts kit, retractable carry handle, and a decent instruction manual. Overall, this spray tan machine will give you a luxurious and classy feel.


  • User can have 25+ usage per day
  • Eye-catching design
  • 24-months warranty available with it
  • The product is inexpensive
  • It has a sizeable pop-up tent


  • It gets dents easily
  • A bit high-maintenance

7. Naked Sun Onyx Spray Tan Machine with St. Tropez Sunless Professional Tanning Solutions

A user shall find every desirable feature of a spray tan machine in a single product like Naked Sun Onyx. This spray gun has a high-tech nozzle and a unique slide-in gun holder. Moreover, it has 170 ml of storage with a scant cup.

The machine provides extra flexibility so that you feel the smoother operation. With a washable air filter, the turbine works flawlessly.

Lightweight design is one of the critical features of the product. The flex hose gives extra mobility without any hassle.

Besides, it has a .5mm needle, which is capable of reducing overspray. The neat power cord management ensures ultimate safety.


  • Extremely easy to use
  • Assembling the product is even more convenient
  • Reliable operation
  • Even and precise tanning
  • Decent safety measures


  • It produces more noise than usual
  • Materials are not that premium

8. Belloccio Salon Pro T200-12, 2 Stage Turbine Sunless HVLP Spray Tanning System

A definite high-quality spray tanner which is offered by the Belloccio Company.

It has a powerful 2-stage HVLP turbine motor. The metal body and salon-grade package turn the machine into a desirable product. With the sturdy outlook, it provides 2-years of warranty.

Although there is no alternative kit, the equipment that comes with the machine is still good enough. A quick-connect system ensures a simple operating procedure.

The package includes a four-ounce solution. If you chose this spray tan machine for use at home/mobile, it wouldn’t be inadequate overall.


  • It is a lightweight product
  • The machine has safety features
  • Sturdy material
  • It has a smooth mobility option
  • Easy assemble process


  • It has only one cup
  • There is no backup kit available

9. Belloccio Turbo Tan Ultra Pro High Performance Sunless Turbine Spray Tanning System

Turbo ultra pro is a professional high-performance HVLP model featured with a premium quality natural solution.

The turbine pumps air through a 10ft flex hose. Because of the plastic body, it is exceptionally lightweight. It has four different tanning solutions, as well.

The airbrush paint gun is excellent in condition. No matter how novice you are, the product allows effortless operation. Because of the build-quality and sturdy material, the product is even handier to use.

Overall, in quite an affordable price range, the spray tan machine offers professional features, good news.


  • Lightweight design
  • It comes with a user manual
  • Tanning accessories are good
  • Solutions are world-class
  • Easy to maneuver


  • A bit noisy
  • The machine is difficult to set up

10. Black Fascination FX Spray Tanning Kit with Tanning Solution Pack

A perfect kit for mobile tanning and obviously for professional use. So, at home, it should serve you better, assumedly.

 It is a complete package with fantastic features—the spray tanner promises of ease while using. The design is simple yet capable of producing quality tanning.

There is a range of a one-hour solution to fit you perfectly. The long flex hose allows the user to move around the tanning area. Thus, you can have decent tanning in the end.

Moreover, the company doesn’t overlook the safety issues that come along with the product. Affordable in price and worthy enough to purchase.


  • Makes less sound
  • Simple operation
  • The materials ensure a longer lifespan
  • It provides a decent solution
  • The machine follows safety measures


  • Assembling is tough
  • It has a leakage problem

Spray Tan Machine Accessories

Tan machine is not all about the stainless steel container, spray nose, and pressure hose. It needs a few essential accessories that will make your tanning sessions a colorful one.

You can declare your spray tanning kits “Complete” with these accessories.

Tanning solution

A tanning solution initiates the entire coloring process of your skin. A spray nose disperses this solution over the skin and literally tan you—a wide range of tanning solutions that provides high-quality performance and intact color. A non-sticky and fast-drying solution is always better for fast and effective tanning.

A few of the leading tanning solution in the market is

  • Norvell Spray Tan Solution
  • St. Tropez Spray Tan Solution
  • Vani-T Spray Tan Solution
  • Sjolie Tan Solution

Tanning lotion

A tanning lotion gear up the tanning procedure by increasing the melanin production. Rising bloodstream to all over the skin is an effective procedure, which stimulates the growth of melanin. These lotions work as sunscreen and cannot give protection against the sun.

Disposable tanning feet pads

Disposable Tanning Feet Pad is an essential part of saving you and your customer’s feet while spraying a tanning solution. These pads are an adequate protection measure against the unwanted stain on the feet.

Silicone nipple cover

Nobody wants an irritating rash or itching on the nipples after an excellent tanning session. This silicon covers will keep this sensitive part of the body from harsh chemicals. 

If you are feeling uncomfortable putting them, let me assure you won’t even notice that those are there.

Disposable Nose Filters

Disposable nose filters prevent the inspiration of airborne while spraying tanning solution. This can control 100% of the solution.

Buying Guide on How to Choose the Best Home Spray Tan Machine

You will get a home spray tan machine at a reasonable price. So try to make your priority for a durable and long-lasting tan device.

We will try to figure out some of the significant points on how to choose the best home spray machine. It will be a great deal if you keep in mind the points while buying.

Tanning Liquid Capacity

There are two categories of the machine according to the pressure and capacity. One is High volume Low pressure (HVLP), and the other is Low volume with low pressure (LVLP). Based on the machine capacity and volume, your tanning session can take from 5 to 10-minutes.

Most of the tanning salons use HVLP because it creates an even flow than LVLP, and there is a turbine in it. Usually, the turbine is smaller than the compressor, and it is also less weighted. So it is worthy of your budget.

The volume of use

Before buying a tan spray machine, you need to fix your using frequency. It is best to check the volume of use of every device.

There are varieties of spray tan systems and most of them are multi-tasking. However, each machine has its own use. So using a professional device with a high volume of service will be a waste if you buy it for home use.

Typical tanning devices are categorized in the following according to the use volume

  • Light
  • Medium
  • Heavy

Professionals prefer to use a heavy one. On the contrary, light and medium spray tan machines are compact and comfortable for everyday use.

Types of feed

Generally, a home spray tan machine can be of three kinds of feed. Such as:

  • Siphon feed
  • Gravity feed
  • Side feed

Rather than the last two feed types, siphon feed equipment is the most common. As they can give you lots of canes to control the portion, so it gets the priority to maximum tanners.

Spray pattern

If your tan machine has a 2 to 7-inch spray area, then this will be a game-changer. This is the best spray size for any tanning session.

A narrow spray pattern will waste your liquid and will take more time to finish the job. This may create a chance of overspreading too. And overspray is detrimental to your health.

On the contrary, a wider spray pattern than usual is also counterproductive. It will be too much for delicate work. It will also disperse additional spray than expected and will be wasted for nothing.


The types of home tan spray may vary on where you will set to use it. Suppose you use a home-based spray, then portability won’t matter much. You have all the freedom and time to set it up.

But if you want it for professional purposes, try to select one with less weight. Mobility will be a significant factor when you are working with it as a professional.

However, a lightweight spray machine is handy as well as it uses a less complicated operating system.


Keep in mind that customers will pay you for a relaxing service, not for an annoying whirring sound. So give extra attention to your machine when you are providing service professionally. Otherwise, it can create a negative image of your use.

You have to make sure about the sound quality because if you plan to give a home-based service, it can also affect there. Moreover, you might not like to have a weird sound in your apartment. So be very conscious about the specific agent.

All the 10 machines in our review are famous for the least noise-making during any tanning operation. Hence, you can be a hassle-free while choosing them.


The cost of spray machines entirely depends on you, like the other factors. It is good to find out the fact before starting, so don’t have to cut your budget on the other side.

If you invest more, you will get a high-end option for tanning. Even you will get a more portable gun. If you want to get a reasonable alternative, then go for the Iwata Revolution series.

How to Use a Spray Tan Machine at Home?

Most of the professionals use HVLP for home-based tan services. First, you need to adjust the pup and follow these steps:

  • Connect the compressor or turbine with the primary device.
  • Then attach the nozzle in vertical alignment will ease the movement of the machine.
  • Pour the solution into the device according to your requirement.
  • Set your trigger according to the instruction.
  • Try to move the nozzle in Anti-clockwise motion. Then you can move the dial.
  • Switch on, use it, and after finishing, open up the plug.

Side effects of using home spray tan machine

Though it is good to remove sun tan easily with a compact machine, unfortunately, they have many fatal side effects like:

Asthma provoking

If you have asthma or other respiration issues, tanning may provoke it. The tiny particles of Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) affect the regular breathing rate by squeezing the air ducts inside the lungs.

Even if you don’t have any respiration issue, the particle may instigate coughing and chest burning. Therefore, it is better to take precautions before starting the tanning process.

Instigate allergic reaction

The DHA in any tanning solution can create a severe allergic reaction if you are exposed to it for a long time. Moreover, the concentration of DHA also a factor behind Contact Dermatitis or allergic rash on the skin.

We recommend you test the solution on a smaller area of your skin first. If everything is ok, then go for it.

Skin damage

Only the tanning solution won’t be adequate to turn your skin tone. The UV ray of the tanning machine also plays a vital role in it.

We all know very well, thanks to the disappearance of the ozone layer, how UV rays can damage skin cells and permanently damage it. The tanning machine can do the same. Make sure you limit your time inside those capsules as low as possible.

Fatal diseases

Excessive use of DHA or tan sprays can cause cancer and many other deadly skin diseases. According to the FDA, you need to limit the use of any tanning solution and lotion to save the skin.

Too much tanning can make you look better and tropical but may torment your skin forever.

FAQ about Best Home Spray Tan Machines

a) Airbrush Tan or Spray Tan: What is the difference?

Airbrush tans and spray tan both produce the same results. If you want to coat your whole body that will last for a few days to one week or more, any tan tool will work.

Most of the time, we use red or orange pigments to give the glamour of an actual tan without darkening the skin by UV rays. However, every solution is used differently:

Airbrush Tans

Airbrush machines are used by salon specialists. They use a particular machine powered by air jets to coat your skin smoothly with a tanning spray solution. It will color your skin according to the desired result.

Spray Tans

Instead of air pressure, this machine turns the solution into microscopic droplets aerosols and disperse on your skin. A spray tan is more effective and long-lasting than air spray.

Both airbrush tans and spray tan can give you satisfactory results. If you are going for a more naturalist tan, then airbrushing is the best choice for you. Go and speak up to your salon technician to find out which tanning is best for you.

b) Is spray tanning safe to do at home?

Yes, spray tanning is safe to do it at home. It is very much secure than tanning under that sunlight full of harmful radiation. Just be careful that you don’t inhale or ingest the particles and don’t get it into your eyes or other sensitive parts of the body.

You should need the best home spray tan machine to do this. Salon technicians who are doing this several times every day should wear a mask and nose filters as protective measures.

Spraying the tan solution can cause chaos. For that reason, most people get into a tent and stay in it when applying it.

c) Can I get a quality sunless tan at home?

If this is your first time or you are not that well experience. Then self-tanning can be tricky. Follow the instructions on how to use home tan spray, and it will be easier.

These tips are especially useful when you are confident about your machine and skills. After a few attempts, the process of sunless tanning will be perfect. Now you can compare your skill with any professional salon tanning specialist.

Use a cleanser before tanning to remove any chemicals from the skin. Any leftover makeup, ointment, or even thick layer of perfume can react with the solution to give you an undesirable result.

d) Does spray tan even out skin tone?

If your natural tanning causes pale patches or rough skin tone, a specific spray tan is ideal for your body tone.

There are so many times when a spray can be applied to produce a golden tan. It is suitable for darkening in faded areas so that you can get a pretty natural glow.

e) Are spray tan ok for sensitive skin?

Some people have flawless skin that can absorb any kind of sunless tan smoothly. However, others have very sensitive skin that becomes dry and cannot absorb spray tan that easily.

The DHA in the tanning solution can create severe rashes if you are sensitive to the chemical. Besides, prolonged use, despite the irritation, can also damage your skin for good.

It is advised to test the solution on a smaller surface before you go for the big day of tanning.

f) Will my spray tan darker overnight?

Yes, spray tan can dark your skin overnight. Never leave a tan on overnight if you are a newbie and have no previous experience with a spray tan. Doing this can cause extra darkening.

It is better to use a natural cleanser to remove the excess solutions from the skin. Any harsh soap or other artificial cleaning agents will only worsen the darkening.

g) What can I do if my spray tan is too dark?

If your tan spray is too dark, smears some baby oil or coconut oil, sit for about ten minutes and then take a bath and flake.

Oil abolishes the first layer of dye and, of course, makes the body easier to flake so that it will brighten your skin. Baking soda can be another solution to this problem.


It is never easy to pick the best home spray tan machine. Especially when you have so many options in the market. But we know that not all the devices are worth calling the best. So, after an extensive review and talking with numerous users, we rounded the 10 best machines for you.

These machines are diverse in their function, durability, maintenance, and price. You know the best about your preferences and when you can align the preferences with the machine features, picking the best of the bests is easy as a breeze.

Al the 10 machines in the review will give you a tropical tan with the most desired tones. No matter how diverse or creative your requirement is, those home spray machines can fulfill them.  However, make sure you check the solutions for any side effects on your skin or body.

If everything goes ok, don’t waste a second to buy the perfect one for you. You never when the perfect one will disappear from the shelves. 

We all know that the best things are there for a limited time and only the wise get them! You know what I mean, don’t you?

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