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Do you remember the time you used to pose barefoot in your home, doing household chores, or home workouts? How did it feel walking on the beach with your bare feet pressing on the sand? And now that there is a new invention in the footwear industry, you want to try a new fashion of barefoot sock shoes. Remember, the difference between walking barefoot on a shifty and hard cement can be compared to walking barefoot and in shoes. While shoes provide cushion to your sole and support to your ankles and toes, some people now realize how barefoot shoes are quite comfortable with minimum coverage in their feet. Barefoot sock shoes are shoes that allow your feet to move freely while you are busy with your workout. For you to get the best barefoot sock shoes, you need to know the difference between finger toe and toebox models. 

Toebox Vs. Toe Finger Sock Shoes

Comfortability and minimalism is the phrase when it comes to barefoot sock shoes. The point is getting shoes that will give you more cushion and lightweight when training or running. You may also want something that offers support from your kicks while engaging your feet. Therefore, barefoot are good in strengthening your foot muscles that are usually neglected, especially when wearing full-coverage shoes. However, barefoot sock shoes are made in two major models; toebox and toe finger models. While others like toebox barefoot shoes, others will choose toe finger sock shoes.

The toebox barefoot shoes are those with a top material that covers and protects the toes. They come in different shapes and sizes depending on your preferences and the type of shoes. Toe finger barefoot shoes are those with spaces between toes that allow your fingers to move freely in their positions. While toebox is the most preferred for outdoor running, jogging, or walking, toe finger shoes are now overtaking the running footwear due to their comfortability and lightweight. However, whether you choose toebox or toe fingers, it is recommended you consider your fitting size and the bottom padding. The bottom of both types of barefoot shoes should be made of a thin plated rubber that provides enough cushion and enhanced grip.

Toebox Sock Shoes Review:

Toebox are the most common barefoot shoes used in athletic activities because they provide both comfortability and stability. Their popularity is also supported by the renowned brands that manufacture barefoot shoes for multi-sports activities. Here are the three major types of toebox barefoot sock shoes to choose from.

1. Skinners

Skinners are the best barefoot sock shoes due to their advanced technology in manufacture and versatility. They are close-related to the standard socks, with zero position and 100% flexibility. Skinners also differ from socks due to their cut resistance. They protect you from sharp objects and shards on the ground. Of course, this is the main reason why you should wear barefoot shoes instead of going totally barefoot. As an athlete interested in minimal coverage and comfortability, Skinner would be the best option for you because they come with lightweight materials allowing you to switch from one sport to another easily.

Skinners are also ideal barefoot shoes that adapt to your feet and works in fulfilling their needs. Their lightweight, functionality, and protection are suitable for different activities, including;

  • Walking and running: Skinners are stretchy to adapt to your feet when running or walking and activate your feet muscles and tendons. They give your feet a sense of stability and cushion to do their best activities.
  • Traveling: If you are traveling and you are worried about wearing your normal shoes for more than ten hours on the bus. Maybe you are worried about a dirty bus floor, cold, or bad odor when you decide to remove your shoes on the bus. You probably need Skinner that gives a similar feeling like socks, but thicker bottom for added cushion.
  • Gym and yoga: Skinners are also ideal for gym and yoga due to their ultimate stability and grip that keep your posture under control as you perform your workouts.
  • Camping: If you heading for hiking, driving, or outdoor activities all day, you may want to include Skinners in your camping bag. They will help keep your feet clean and protected all day.

2. Sockwa H8

Sockwa is also among the leading brands in barefoot sock shoes with their breathable lining. Sockwa barefoot shoes are also ideal for various sports, from high-performance sports to every-day lifestyle activities. Sockwa H8 is one of the products from the brand that features a sleek, dynamic construction, and soft breathable materials Sokwa H8 has an Ariaprene upper for extreme breathability and moisture-wicking fabric that prevents odor on a hot day. Sokwa H8 is also made with the sense of mentality, a mindset of understanding, and actions in mind. This is all in an attempt to give the wearer less time to think about the support and cushion of their feet and focus on their sports. Sockwa H8 comes with a sole made of ultra-thin polymer 1.2mm thick, that allows your feet to feel the traction on the ground. It is ideal for all kinds of sports, including volleyball, sand soccer, barefoot running and walking, camping, and weightlifting.

3. Leguano Model Classic

There is always something unique whenever you slide your foot in Leguano classic barefoot sock shoes. Leguano classic shoes are lightweight, easy to wear, and comfortable for all types of athletics. If you are looking for the best type of barefoot sock shoes that you can just use anywhere anytime, it is time you should try Leguano Model Classic. They come in different colors, including black, red, agavengrun, and chestnut brown. Leguano model classic shoes are also designed with slip-resistant Lifolit soles that provide a barefoot feeling and protection similar to standard sneakers. The sole also allows you to step in water or wet surfaces comfortably without worrying about soaking your shoes. The fabric is directly blended with the Lifolit sole, making the shoe quite lightweight. It is ideal for indoor activities like gym and yoga sessions. Leguano barefoot sock shoes are suitable for all ages with their breathable outer materials. They can also be worn with all casual and sports clothes. Leguano Model Classic shoes are exclusively made in Germany.

Toe Fingers Sock Shoes:

1. Free Your Feet

Free Your Feet produces Toe finger sock shoes, which are somewhat similar to the original barefoot sneakers. These sock shoes are made from Dyneema, a material with an excellent synthetic and breathable nature. It is resistant to scratches or tears; therefore, you can efficiently run on rough trails and surfaces. The smooth finish of the fabric protects you from getting any sorts of blisters. There is a silicon dotted surface on the sock’s underside, which assists in gripping on slippery surfaces.

The concept behind the development of these shoes is quite simple. The company has constructed these barefoot sock shoes from a fabric which is 15 times stronger than steel, having the capability to replace running shoes with more comfortable bare foot sock shoes. There efficient thermal qualities keep your feet heated especially during long runs in cold temperatures.  

2. Vibram

Vibram five fingers product is another model that competes with its rivals in the classic five finger shoe category. The sole of the Vibram’s EL-X constitutes the majority of the shoe as it has the most weight along with the necessary requirements of the shoe.

The soles are razor-siped, meaning that they are sliced into a zigzag pattern; this pattern reduces the overall weight and the thickness of the rubber. The sole of EL-X is thin and floppy as the front generally hangs downwards, especially when you place the shoe in your hand. There two separate things which keep your feet attached to the toe shoe, one of which is the upper stretchy mesh fabric, whereas the other is the rubber that wraps the upper covering of the shoe. On the contrary, the shoes are striped with black, grey, and orange colors, making them stylish and attractive.   

Like many other barefoot products, this shoe can be stuffed and rolled up into a compact mass as many barefoot customers prefer a product that is portable with respect to its size.


Barefoot shoes have the same purpose as ordinary shoes but they bear less amount of heel in comparison to traditional shoes. Typically, running shoes have a 10-12mm heel drop beneath their heels. Contrary to that, barefoot shoes either have a heel drop of 8mm (which is called 8mm drop, lesser than running shoes) or no drop at all, so your heel and the ground beneath are at the same level. This particular barefoot shoe without any heel is called ‘zero-drop.’ Despite having distinct heel sizes, its purpose of protecting from ground elements doesn’t change. 

Light as a feather

These shoes are lighter than running shoes, which mean less power and muscle strength are required to lift the feet.

Why a water shoe does not qualify as a barefoot sock shoe?

Though barefoot sock shoes look like water shoes, not all of them look alike. Water shoes are just a piece of rubber and can’t provide the same comfort as barefoot sock shoes. 

  1. While wearing water shoes, feet can get hot more quickly.
  2. Barefoot sock shoes are more flexible than water shoes, and there is less chance of strain.
  3. These sock shoes are pocket friendly as water shoes are more expensive.
  4. The sole of water shoes differs from barefoot shoes. Water shoes have a much thinner sole.
  5. Barefoot sock shoes are breathable, and as water is prevent from entering, therefore there is no passage of oxygen. 
  6. As water shoes are flat to the ground and skinnier, it minimizes the comfort of walking and adds ore to the pain.

Barefoot sock shoes are made up of leather, and the sole is made up of plastic or rubber. While for water shoes, polyvinyl chloride/rubber is used to manufacture it. Upon comparison, it is found that leather is more comfortable than rubber.

Reasons to own multiple pairs:

One is never enough for anyone. If you are more of an outgoing person or love travelling, then you should keep more than one pair. Rotating your shoes can make them last longer!

Longer lasting shoes: Wearing only one pair of shoe daily will lead to more damage. If you have more than one pair, you can mix them up and wear it whenever you want to. In case if your one pair gets wet or dirty, you can urgently replace it with the other one. 

Foul smell: If you wear the same clothes for several days, they will definitely stink. The same goes for shoes. Wearing the same pair excessively will cause a foul smell due to sweating because it won’t get enough time to breathe, and it may also lead to different kinds of fungal infections.

Style it up: Who doesn’t want to wear shoes that match their outfit. Having a variety of these sock shoes can make your style game strong. Whenever you get bore with the specific one, you can always change it with other ones. 


BareFoot sock shoes have been primarily introduced to ensure the better protection of your toes without wearing the company oriented products. These shoes prevent the occurrence of several types of allergic reactions and promote blood supply to our toes which in turn help in recovery of injured toes. Furthermore, the perfect fitness of the shoes saves you from any ankle damaging injuries particularly during camping or running.


Are you an active practitioner looking for the best pair of shoes to wear? You may have tried different pairs of cross-trainers and now you feel it is time to try barefoot sock shoes. You may also want a pair of training shoes you can shift from one activity to another easily without changing your shoes. Therefore, barefoot sock shoes are ideal for you, and suitable for different activities. They come in different sizes and shapes. You can also choose from toebox or toe fingers sock shoes. However, as a first-time buyer, you have to look for more features than the size and type of shoes. You should buy something that offers maximum protection to your feet against sharp objects and supports your fingers.

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